Ultimate Shopping Guide For Black Friday

November 22, 2017

We’ve been enjoying this phenomenon for a few years now, and it seems like we’re working harder to find the best deals possible before handing over our hard earned money. So, what are your plans for 2017’s Black Friday? It’s upon us, with many retailers already offering flash sales and lightning deals. You expect even bigger price drops on Friday, and despite the fact that many retailers will continue their sales beyond Friday – it’s still the biggest day for deals.

Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled once Cyber Monday rolls around, you never know what deals you’ll pick up that you missed out on Black Friday. This article can help you keep track of the best offers from the biggest retailers.

Black Friday

1. Make a List of Every Item

Before you do anything, you first need to make a list of every item that you want to buy. This might be Christmas presents for the entire family or it could be the treat that you more than deserve. Hey, you might even want to buy in advance for every birthday that’s coming in the next year, too.  Also, if you are looking for some sweet romantic gesture and looking for a nice romantic gift you can just scroll through Ann Summers and choose the best. Either way, write your list out and put each item into the relevant category. This will make it simple to shop the deals online and to do your research. You can visit retailers by category and quickly run through your list to see what products they have, and which look like they could drop in price.

Sure, you could choose to go to the stores physically, but why bother? Not only do you have to wait in long lines, you run the risk of getting none of the things you want because it takes time to get from shop to shop. Let’s be smart about this and use the internet for its designated purpose – convenience. There are massive online deals over at La Redoute, so don’t miss out.

2. Quick Reconnaissance of Retailers

You have a list of what you want, now do a quick reconnaissance of all the retailers that offer each type of product. This will give you a good idea of their current prices and the types of offers they have on right now. You may even find that certain items are earmarked to drop in price come Friday, though the price won’t be revealed until then. This will at least allow you to make the time to be online for that deal to grab your bargain before everyone else logs on.

Black Friday Shopping

You need to know when each retailer’s sales will start, so that should form part of your research. You can make a note of it on your list. If more than one retailer has a sale launching the same time and they both (or more) have one product you’re looking for – be sure to open a browser window for each, so you can quickly check the price at each of them before you go ahead and buy.

You may find that you can add the item to your basket in advance and then come the sale it will immediately drop in price and you can quickly make your purchase before anyone else knows what has hit them. So, plan to get an early start come Friday (in some cases that might be midnight).

3. Online Shopping

Now, here is the fun part. It’s time to shop. So, pop your laptop open, brew some coffee, line up some snacks, and get comfortable. It will certainly be far quicker than visiting brick and mortar shops, but you’ve got to have fast fingers to walk away a winner this Black Friday. If you are into Gardening then be sure to visit an online store like Gtech for their incredible Black Friday deals, some of which are on now! The retailer is running a whopping 14 days of deals, so there’s time yet for you to pull off some stunning shopping. Whether you’re looking for a brand-new mattress to usher in the New Year or you have your heart set on some bargain gadgets. You’ll find great deals on Ultra HD 4K television sets of all sizes.

Argos Black Friday

In all, the key to a successful Black Friday is preparation. It’s all about knowing where you plan to buy what items and having your game in order so you know what site to log on to and at what time. If you’ve ever sat on Amazon looking at lightning deals and wondered how you always seem to miss out… it’s because you’re not fast enough. So, search categories, see when those deals go live and be ready to act fast. Remember, you can add these items to your basket in advance and still get that deal as soon as the price drops. Now you know the tricks of the trade, go out there and have your best Black Friday yet.