Top Trendy Women’s Watches For 2017

January 2, 2017

Watch is the perfect accessory for finishing off your look. If you pay attention to the watch you use, you can use it to complement your other accessories and clothes. A carefully chosen watch can add glamour and fun to your look; your watch can let the world know who you are.

Just like with other fashion accessories, women’s watch trends are constantly changing. You also have a lot of choice in terms of brands, which means you can easily find watches to accommodate all sorts of budgets. If you are looking to update your watch collection, we’ve selected some of the hottest trends to look out for and picked watches for all price ranges.


Changes In Trends
Women’s watch trends have been controlled by oversized designs and masculine models in recent years. The so-called boyfriend watch has been controlling the markets, with the colours maintaining a calm and cool tone. But the latest timepieces have moved away from the masculine looks and gone back to a more elegant design. The big trend at the moment is opting for smaller timepieces with tinier displays and glamorous finishes. Instead of keeping it simple, women’s watches have gone back to using colours and stone finishing. The designs are all about gorgeous finishes, sparkling details and striking colours.

Striking Colours
If you are looking to stand out from the crowd with your watch, you should consider getting a white watch. This is a classic look that’ll turn heads around. It’s perfect colour to combine with other colours with your jewellery and clothes. The Anne Klein collection at Debenhams has a number of good options, together with ICE LOULOU watch in striking white and red finish, available at The Anne Klein collection has plenty of watches under £100, which is a reasonable price for a pretty watch.

For women looking to strike a bolder stance, pink, orange and chocolate brown are great, colourful options. The Ted Baker Saffiano Leather Strap watch at the Watch Shop is worth checking out. If you are willing to splash out a bit, then Tory Burch has a striking orange watch in their ladies’ collection. The Reva Watch in orange leather and gold-tone finishing costs a bit over £230, but it’s definitely a fashionable pick for your parties this season.


Detailed Dials
Another trend you want to pay attention to is the dial. The ladies watch dials should be decorated and detailed. Pearl dials are perfect, elegant detail for business and party watches, while you could opt for quirkier decorations with your casual watch dials. Feather dials are especially fun option to go with. The Quartz wristwatch with feather detailing is a good example of this bohemian style. You can find the particular watch from Banggood. Olivia Burton’s After Dark Leather Strap watch is another beautiful timepiece, with quirky detailing. The watch costs just £70 at John Lewis, so it is definitely worth considering if you are looking for a casual watch.

Traditional Wraps With A Twist
When it comes to the straps, the current trend is to combine a bit of old with something new. Leather, which is a traditional choice for women’s watches, is definitely the way to go, but instead of your typical black or brown leather, the straps are colourful and often come in patterns. Animal prints, such as in the Mark Maddox animal print watch from The Watch Hut and Guess’ Vixen watch at the Watch Shop, are a popular option, with soft pastels being a good choice for a more toned-down look. If you are looking for something casual, NATO straps at Daniel Wellington are a lovely option. The watches from the retailer are perfect for a casual look and at around £100 won’t break your budget.


Personalised Watches
Furthermore, another big change to the old is the ability to personalise. A number of famous brands offer the option to include different details and colours to your watches. This creates a unique finishing and guarantees your new watch is a bit more special. You can opt for changes on certain models at House of Watches, for instance. You can also find unique women’s watches from the NotOnTheHighStreet website, with a number of personalisation options available to guarantee your watch is like no other.

Overall, the trends are all about getting back to basics. The timepieces are rather minimalistic, but include plenty of bling, either in terms of the metallic finish or jewellery-driven detailing. The women’s watches are petite and use softer tones. The trends are about celebrating feminine features and beauty.

So, with the help of the above tips, you’ll hopefully find your next favourite watch. When shopping for a new watch consider your personal style and the situation you’ll be wearing the watch the most. This ensures you find just the right timepiece for yourself!