Top Christmas Events In London This Year

December 22, 2015

Christmas is a week-long festival for the western world. This winter carnival has a great importance as the cities light up in the magic. The places sparkle with the glitters while the Christmas events intensify the essence of the festive celebration.

There are some amazing attractions you wouldn’t wanna miss this Christmas, especially if you in or around London.

Warner Bros Studio Tour
If you wish to be a part of the fascinating journey to Hogwarts, the studio invites visitors to enjoy their Christmas at Hogwarts snow edition. Various amazing scenes from the movie are depicted at the setup. The Great hall is stuffed with the treat of decorative and Christmas meals. Your dream is about to come true.

Warner Bros Studio

Enchanted Woodland
The gardens of Syon Park will be celebrating their 10th anniversary and also they wish to unveil the treasure this Christmas to those who visit them for a walk. The mystical trail will lead you to a beautiful lake which is illuminated by the reflections of the trees. The shadows casts a cryptic enchantment to the winter nights. The walk will take you to a scenic worlds where beautiful is just a small word.

Winter At The View
The renowned location of The View from the Shard, is planning yet another surprise for the visitors. Experience a theme park made of ice crystals and frost under an open air skydeck. The place will be transformed into a snow world with a sensory winter experience for the buyer.

Underground Film Club
The club plans to screen some classics from their times at theatres below the street. Movies like ‘the pulp fiction’, ’Casablanca’, ’Hamlet’, ‘home alone’ and many more have secured their places in the list of the screenings. These legends have taken their stay at the Vaults of the Waterloo station. Complemented with the street food and cocktails, the experience is gonna be one of a kind for the enthusiasts.

Hidden City
The theme for the Hidden City trail is ‘Sherlock Holmes’. Moriarty’s game is what they are calling it. Players will be seen exploring their ways into the Mayfair Townhouse this Christmas. Alongside will be played the game to solve the mystery to discover the hidden safe house. The trail really needs sharp brains and Sherlock lovers as it is not easy as it seems. Visit the place in teams of four and trace the hints to the safe house.

Hidden City

Peter Pan Cup Swimming Race
Following their tradition, the members of the Serpentine swimming club can be seen plunging into the icy waters of the Serpentine Lake, this Christmas.  The pursuit for the prestigious Peter Pan cup will continue this winter. Complemented with the stunning wintery landscape, one can pay a visit to the Kensington gardens.

Christmas Light
People who love streets illuminated in Christmas lights, this year is going to be a treat for you. Many remarkable lighting might make you fall for them

  • The Strand will see its first Christmas lighting this year.
  • The Oxford Street as always will decorate the sky with their craft. The lights will sparkling and laying the path for the dear Santa Claus to come around. Kylie Minogue will inaugurate and switch these light on, followed by performances hosted by the Pandora Marble arch store. Look out else you might miss the chance to attend performances by celebs like Gabrielle Alpin, Ben Haenow and much more.
  • The glamourous Bond street is decorating the pathway with some amazing creative piece of work. Missing it means you have ‘missed something’. Seeing their record, every year, somethings different yet unique and being there is a great treat for the light lovers.
Christmas Lights on Bond street

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Showcase!
This year, Ripley’s is planning to showcase their amazing collection of weird yet marvellous items from around the globe. Some of the items you could gaze your eyes includes the Piece of the Berlin Wall, ‘the last supper’ painting on the rice grain, Tower Bridge made out of matchsticks. They have an amazing offer of 2 for 1 entry, well then why miss a chance like this.

Cabaret Soiree
The Black Cat soirees showcase an amazing cabaret and circus at the Palace of the snow queen. Visit and have a time well spent.

Cool As Ice
The Vauxhall Pleasure gardens have generated a magnificent ice rink for their visitors. Skaters can enjoy snacks and some special events all in a place.

Christmas is the time when you can find some amazingly different stuff going around in the city, you just need those instincts to watch out. These are some great things to try out, but there might be so much more.