Top 10 Tablets For Gaming

January 23, 2018

Mobile phones have come a long way since its initial days when it was just another accessory that helped connect two people via a call. Then came phones with added features that helped entertain users with games. Today this growing trend has caught on with our smartphones. Now you have the playstore where you have access to millions of games and other apps. The race for making everything bigger and better led to the introduction of tablets and the whole psyche of phones can now be enjoyed via a tablet and why not. Everything is just bigger and better with a tablet. Wouldn’t you agree?
In this post, we have tried compiling a list of top 10 gaming tablets that have ruled the roster in 2017 from Samsung to Nexus to iPads:


1. Amazon Fire HD 8:
The Amazon New Fire HD 8 is the best offering budget offering in the market available below the £100 bracket. The new Amazon Fire HD 8 is better than its predecessor last year with a stronger wifi, better audio, and a great processor. The HD 8 uses the quad-core, 1.3 GHz MediaTek processor running the Fire OS 5.4 software and a 1.5 Gb RAM. The HD 8 fits the media consumption bill and is excellent for gamer.

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0:
Samsung Galaxy Tabs have been synonymous with tablets and rightly so. It was one of the first players that ventured into the tab market when smartphones had just started making way into people’s hands. Samsung believes in being bigger and better and that just goes on to show with their latest Galaxy Tab S2 8.0. The new tab is lighter, faster, thinner than its predecessor with a new octa-core chipset and a great AMOLED screen that is perfect for all your gaming needs.

3. Lenovo Yoga Tab 3:
The Lenovo Yoga tab is the perfect piece for anyone with a budget. This 10.1-inch offering by Lenovo now comes with a sharper screen, a faster processor, and a beautiful sleek design. The company has even gone to an extent of calling it the “ultimate video tablet”. The Yoga tab comes with a cylindrical design and weighs almost at 1.47 pounds. High-end gaming you say, well the Lenovo Yoga Tab will do it all.

4. Apple iPad Mini 2:
Apple is known for its rendering of tablets in the form of the iPad and the iPad Mini 2 clearly doesn’t disappoint and remains one of the best gaming tablets in the market even though it’s not a new offering of Apple. The Mini 2 features Apple’s retina display which comes with a high resolution that helps reduce the population. The battery life is decent for the iPad mini 2 so it can withstand 10 hours of continuous gaming. The one and only downside of the Mini 2 is it’s storage is is not upgradable but well, that has always been the case with all of Apple’s offering. nevertheless, the mini iPad 2 remains a popular gamer’s pick.


5. Nvidia Shield K1:
Just the thought of a Nvidia is enough to tell you that these guys don’t mess around when it comes to making superior gadgets. The Nvidia Shield is a powerful tablet with an effective framerate that is just the right amount of juice needed to play games. Nvidia has taken special care of the exterior of the tablet which comes with rubber coated edges in case of a fall. The tablet supports the Shield Controller which can be used as an XBOX type controller for a superior gaming experience and the Geforce now which allows you to stream 1080p games directly from Nvidia servers.

6. Asus Transformer Book T100HA:
The Asus T100 is the best hybrid gaming tablet in the business which can become your regular gaming and entertainment tab to your office going tab. The Asus T100 is a windows gaming tablet and therefore has a full library of games. you can play games on the tablet from low to mid settings without hassles. Classic games like the Sims 3, The Walking Dead and Civilisation all have the capacity to run at 30fps and more.

7. Surface Pro 4 Tab:
Another windows tablet in the mix, the new Pro 4 tablet is the best windows tablet in the market. Coming off a notch better than its predecessor, the Pro 4 is all kinds of cool featuring a big 12.4-inch screen and a choice of internal specs that range from basic to lighting fast. An addition of pixel-packed display and great speakers make it an amazing tab to have for gamers. The Pro 4 also comes along with extended accessories like the Surface Pen and the Type Cover if you are willing to shell extra.

8. Google Pixel C:
The Google Pixel C is a great tab for people who are looking for a great multimedia tab with excellent battery life. As a Google device, the Pixel C gets all the latest Android updates. The 10.2-inch screen and a light weight of 520 g make it a must-have for gamers on the go and if experts reviews are to be believed, this is great for long commutes.


9. Sony Experia Z4:
The Experia Z4 is the latest offering from Sony that is rivaling the bigwigs in the tablet market. The 10.1-inch tablet comes with a host of amazing specifications that is sure to light up gamers in more ways than one. The Z4 is a waterproof tab and comes with the most vivid IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen and a display that is 40% times brighter than its predecessor. The 2k display is mind boggling on the Z4 which is a notch above from its rivals in the market.

10. Huawei MediaPad T1:
Another budget tablet in the market, the compact seven-inch screen tab features a slim and lightweight design. The T1 comes with a respectable screen resolution of 600 X 1024 pixel with oncell IPS to reproduce over 90% of Adobe RGB colour space. This literally translates to great contrast and bright color on the T1. It also comes with 178-degree wide view angle that is great for an entry level gaming tablet in the market. You can shop this tablet online from GearBest without spending much.