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Ziffit has made it even easier to sell your games online! Just enter your barcodes to get an instant quote for any game from any console.

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About Ziffit

Ziffit is a very popular business that can take in your books, games, CDs and DVDs and give you cash for what you have to sell. This is a website that makes it easy for sales to be facilitated as well as needed.

Ziffit Logo

Ziffit makes it easy for people to get their trades managed as needed. The site was established to help people sell their media online. The site has taken in nearly a million books, CDs, DVDs and games since it opened. It has continued to be a popular and appealing source for all kinds of different resale needs.

The site also has a link with Collect+ shops. This is designed to facilitate the process of getting items shipped out with care. You can ensure that your packages will be sent out with ease after getting items sold off.

Top Deals Highlights

  1. You can get a fair market price for anything that you want to sell.
  2. Your quote will be good for a full month after it is issued.
  3. There will be no added charges required when getting the service to work for your needs provided that the items you sell are of the proper quality and are not damaged or worn.
  4. Free courier or drop off service.
  5. Get secured payment direct to your account either by PayPal or cheque.
  6. Minimum of 10 items can be sold.

Ziffit Product

How to Sell @ Ziffit

  • You can sell items by entering in the barcodes on whatever you have. These barcodes are the items that will list the specific information on the product being sold. You can enter in as many of these barcodes as desired.
  • You can get an instant price on different items as you enter them in. The prices typically vary based on the quality of what you have and the features of whatever you have to use. You will typically have to enter information on the quality of whatever you have but this depends heavily on the types of items that you are going to add.
  • After this, you can pack your items to be delivered to Ziffit. You can go to a local Collect+ store to get your items delivered. Present the proper form that Ziffit gives you online for delivery purposes and you can get the items delivered for free.
  • You can also use a free Citylink collection service to get your items gathered. This is typically for cases where your package is 10 kg in size. This is still free for you to enjoy.
  • You will then get a payment for your items based on your quote and the quality of the materials you have. You can get a payment linked directly to a bank account, a PayPal account or through a cheque that you can get by mail. You can choose one of these options based on the preference that you list at the time when you are getting your items delivered out. It can take about one to three weeks on average for a package to be processed.
  • There's the option to get your money donated to a proper charity if desired. Ziffit has partnered with JustGiving to get payments donated to different charities of interest.

At Ziffit YouTube channel you will get to know about how to sell your products. Anyone who is looking to get money for whatever one wants can consider selling their items to Ziffit. Watch this video for how you can easily gather your items, enter them into the site and get a quote. Also, Preloved provides similar range of services with money savings offer.

What Won't They Buy?

It is important for people to take a careful look at what they can and cannot sell. While people can easily sell all sorts of fine products on the site and get Blu-ray discs and the latest video game discs sold off, there are some restrictions to watch for:

  1. The site does not buy mobile phones or video game consoles but it is hoping to do this in the future.
  2. Discs that have missing cases or inserts cannot be bought as they are not fully complete.
  3. Items that were originally available for rental purposes cannot be handled.
  4. Items that were used with promotional purposes in mind cannot be sold off either.

Mobile App

There's even an app that you can utilize in order to get your items sold off as needed. You can use an application on your smartphone through Google Play or the Apple App Store and then use it to scan your items that you want to sell. This can help you facilitate plans to get items deivered with ease. You can even use this to establish a printed delivery label at a Collect+ store. It makes it very easy for you to take care of the delivery processes that you want to manage.

Ziffit Mobileapp

Social Media Presence

  • Facebook lets you learn about special deals and offers from Ziffit.
  • At Twitter look for new information on special events.
  • Google+ has full information on services that Ziffit has to offer.
  • At Pinterest check out for the collections of books, CD’s for sale.

Contact Info

Unit 2,
Holm Oak,
West Sussex, BN12 4FE

Phone: 0845 094 3608
Email: support@ziffit.com