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Exclusive Warranty Wise promotion: Use appliance warranty from Warranty Wise to get the ultimate cover for a worry free home.

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New Warranty Wise voucher: Get an instant used car warranty quote online with Warranty Wise at a click of a button.

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New Warranty Wise voucher: Get your vehicle inspection with Warranty Wise’s Premium package starting from £189.

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New Warranty Wise voucher: Warranty Wise is giving discount of £50 for 3 years warranty. Check the code below.

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Warranty Wise free delivery discount code: Discount - Save £30 for 1 year warranty at Warranty Wise. Check out the below mentioned code.

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New Warranty Wise voucher: Get the popular Premium Plus package for vehicle inspection at Warranty Wise starting at £229.

Warranty Wise: 3 Unreliable Vouchers

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Latest Warranty Wise promo code: Discount - £30 for 1 year, £40 for 2 years, £50 for 3 years .

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Exclusive Warranty Wise promotion: Discount - £30 for 1 year, £40 for 2 years, £50 for 3 years .

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Exclusive Warranty Wise promotion: Discount - £30 for 1 year, £40 for 2 years, £50 for 3 years .


About Warranty Wise

Extended car warranties are available for sale through Warranty Wise, a company dedicated to protecting the needs that car owners have throughout the United Kingdom. The company is an organisation that has been around for more than twenty years and has been offering extended warranty solutions to car dealers who want added protection for their vehicles. The company operates with a strong capital base and has held partnerships with a number of dealerships that are dedicated to high-end vehicles from brands like Rolls-Royce and Ferrari among others.

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Coverage Is Easily Available

The extended warranties that are available to customers at Warranty Wise include many special offers that are good for vehicles that are listed in certain conditions. There are five levels of coverage that are available based on the age of the car and the mileage. The lowest cover is the 04/40 level that focuses on a car that is less than four years old and has less than 40,000 miles. The highest is the 12/120, a policy for a car that is twelve years of age or less and has less than 120,000 miles on it.

The coverage points that are available in these extended warranties will go towards many functions within a vehicle. The features that are covered in a policy will vary based on what you select and will include terms for the following:

  • Individual parts in an engine
  • The vehicle's cooling system
  • Drive belts
  • Oil seals
  • Air conditioning units
  • Air bags
  • MOT failure
  • Emissions
  • Multimedia devices

The policies for older vehicles tend to cover fewer features. All car owners should check the Warranty Wise website to see what the terms are for individual cars and if their vehicles can meet certain standards for coverage.

The coverage that can be used on this site can go for ;many different vehicles. Most makes and models are supported by Warranty Wise. Also, there are no limits as to how many repairs a policy may cover, thus ensuring that all problems that might come about within a car will be covered and protected as needed.

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Added Services

People who have extended warranties for their vehicles through Warranty Wise can also contact the company for details on repairs and how they can request them as needed. These repairs will often be covered by the different terms that may be listed on one's warranty. All services are designed to help motorists with ensuring that they can get back on the road as soon as possible in the event that problems come about with their vehicles.

Fabulous Offers

  1. £30 off a one-year plan
  2. 10% off a starter package for a vehicle
  3. £40 off a two-year plan

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Use Voucher Codes to Save Money

Warranty Wise accepts a series of different voucher codes that can provide people with special discounts on different types of services. The site has created an appropriate setup for acquiring an extended warranty and taking advantage of a voucher code:

  • Enter in your car's registration plate number or setup.
  • Choose an appropriate cover level for your vehicle.
  • Review the total coverage points in your extended warranty as well as the overall value of the policy.
  • Enter in the right voucher code into the designated box on the screen.
  • Check the total value of the warranty to see that the voucher code has gone through.

The site prides itself on having different ways for people to save money on all of their general car warranty needs. The total discounts that are available will vary based on the policy being used and the type of vehicle that is going to be covered.

Warranty Wise takes pride in making things clear and easy to understand. The potential for a person to have questions about how warranties work for their cars will not be too likely as everything will be clear and easy to figure out when the services of the company are used.

Turn to Warranty Wise which offers warranty solutions to car dealers who want added automobile protection. Also, check out Kwik Fit for a complete inspection of you vehicle and providing you with detail update of the current condition of your car. They also provide the best tyre solution and offer exclusive savings on online bookings.

Avoiding the Weasel

One of the most popular parts of Warranty Wise comes from how the organisation is focused on being direct and honest with its clients. It focuses on ensuring that a warranty can be as straightforward as possible. One of the ways how it does this is by avoiding many of the most commonplaces “weasel words” that others tend to use.

For instance, Warranty Wise focuses on avoiding “consequential failure” terms. This means that any parts that fail because another part that has failed will still be covered and that there is no need to worry about the potential for a policy to not cover all parts of a vehicle. The “choice of garage” term is also avoided as Warranty Wise allows people to choose proper labor rates and can use different repair and garage services based on the demands that might be available at a given time. The goal that Warranty Wise has is to make sure a warranty is as direct and easy to use as possible.

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Customer care: 0808 168 7146
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