Some Fun Alternative Themes For Your Office Christmas Party

December 13, 2018

Christmas parties are always fun to attend but what if there’s one happening in your office? Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Well, every office party tends to be a worrisome affair for everyone involved but it doesn’t mean you cannot have fun at such events. Office parties are a great way to renew professional commitments, promote friendship and bonding. So, how do you get creative here and bring in the festive holiday spirit into the mix? In this post, we will look at some of the fun alternative themes that one can incorporate in their office Christmas party.


1. The ugly sweater party:
Don’t you instantly have a smile on your face reading about it? If there is a dark plop in the human civilization today, this probably has to be it. How many times have we come across horrible shades of green, purple, red and brown thrown in the mix to make a terribly awful sweater? This is sadly also the one sweater that your Grandma thinks is a good idea to buy every year. Well, this time your ugly sweaters could really help you go the distance. So, every single person is expected to wear a Christmas sweater to the party. The one with the most impressive, rather the most awful sweater takes away the reward.

2. To the races:
We all have seen the hit TV show, The Amazing Race. So why not do something on the same lines for your office party? You can use the same concept as the show and organize a scavenger hunt and divide three to four teams that take part in it. You can even place roadblocks around the course which won’t allow them to move to the next stage unless they clear the current task in hand. The tasks here can include n number of things from performing frog jumps to eating a weird combo of food (say Nutella and pickles). Every stage cleared by the participants will give them a flag or a stamp of some kind. The last stage or checkpoint can be the party room where the participants and winners can finally rest, relax and enjoy with colleagues.

3. Santa’s in town:
Santa rarely makes an appearance the whole year except for Christmas. This year, your office party can be made an exception where Santa finally visits everyone bearing gifts with only one condition that everyone attend his workshop. You can always find a participant in the group willing to play Santa and the volunteering participants as the elves. Build up different workstations where these elves need to perform different tasks like painting a co-worker’s face, making sushi, blowing up this number of balloons etc. You can keep at least 5 different workstations for the elves participants to cross. Laughter is definitely ensured here.


4. Christmas in countries:
Christmas today has become a global holiday today being celebrated in almost every country. So, why not embrace that global spirit in your office as well. Multicultural offices should especially play this game. Ask all the people in the office to come wearing traditional attires of their respective cultures. To create that vibe, you can use traditional foods as well from different cultures alongside local and seasonal songs. This is a great way to build up a rapport in the team. You can amp this game up with rapid-fire questions and answers round that the participants will need to answer. This can be based on all goofy Christmas related topics. Get things like balloons for your next office party from Bizzy Balloons and avail free delivery on your next order.

5. A masquerade ball:
Masquerade balls have always had a subliminal attraction to them. This time around, help recreate the same kind of magic with a masquerade ball for the office party. You can ask all of your colleagues to dress up and emulate a masquerade ball. Get makeshift theatre masks, harlequin patterns along with a sparkly theme across the rapid-fire. You can spice this up by serving cocktails as well as providing finger food to the patrons alongside good music from the old 90’s era. You can also award prizes to the best dancers or plays and conduct different small games like “Who am I”.


6. Making crafts and group Christmas wreath:
This is yet another game that can be played by everyone at the office. You can organize a workshop where everyone is supposed to make something unique of their choice and then sell it. Old recycled materials can be used for this endeavour like bottle caps, sequins, plastic bottles etc. Whoever has said no to food? Order a Papa Johns pizza and get up to 50% off along with orders above £15.

So, there we have some fun alternative themes for your office themed party. Everyone is bound to love these games.