Popular DIY Website Builders Of 2016

October 29, 2016

In order to succeed as a business today, you need to have an online presence. If you work in the retail sector, that website needs to be able to sell products directly. Consumers today do most of their shopping online, and not having a website with e-commerce functionality sets a brand at a major disadvantage. With so much of search happening on mobiles and a big focus on local search before buying, every company needs to create an online hub for customers.

The good news is that e-commerce web builders – sites which allow you to build your own online store – are very widely available, and there are plenty of free or low-budget options to get you started. These DIY programs use simple editor interfaces to give users full control of the design and style of their new sites – often starting with a series of customisable templates. Some of the best DIY web programs available, based on user reviews, are listed below:

Which Are The Leading DIY Website Platforms in 2016?

The top UK site for DIY websites, Wix picked up an impressive 9.7 out of 10 in consumer reviews and has the highest rates of satisfaction from users. Millions of people have signed up to the service, and it grows by 29% each year.

Wix Website Builder

Including a free custom domain with the web package is a big selling point for SiteBuilder, which is a fully DIY platform offering thousands of templates and choices. It comes second in the nation’s choice for the top web build platform.

Yell Business
This service leads on its managed, designed service – but you can also use the package as a DIY web builder if you prefer to make your own content and design. The service aspect is good, making this company a popular choice, though options for creativity are limited.

1&1 UK
1&1 UK service sells so well because it offers plenty of marketing tools along with the web package, helping users promote their creations and give their business a solid online presence. It still falls down a little against competitors for ease of use, but is a reliable choice.

1&1 UK Website

Do I Really Need A Business Website?
If you don’t have a website for your company at all, you are not alone. According to recent studies done by Clutch, almost half of small businesses do not have a web presence at all, and almost one quarter of those that have a site say it is not mobile-accessible. With over half of all searches now taking place on mobile devices and more people shopping online than offline, it is vital that every company, however small and local, has a good website. During a recent study, business owners who do not have a website listed their reasons for this – these were the top replies:

  • Technology is not relevant to their industry
  • The cost of a website is too high
  • Lack of technical knowledge prevents it

These are common responses across companies of any size, although larger companies tend to use marketing professionals who take care of the website and other web accounts. For smaller companies, a DIY web commerce platform can overcome these issues. The plans are affordable, the interface usually requires no technical knowledge at all, and consumer research shows that a website is relevant to every industry! E-commerce sites are proven to increase overall conversions and often outperform physical sales for retail brands.

DIY Doesn’t Mean You Go It Alone!
Signing up for a DIY e-commerce site can be daunting, but there are plenty of services which can assist with the process. Professional copywriters can produce your content, graphic designers can make you a logo, photographers can provide you with images – the possibilities are endless. The beauty of a DIY site is you get out what you put in – keep it simple and no-frills, or blow the budget and go all out with fancy features. When it comes to e-commerce, setting up a virtual shop can be tricky and time-consuming. Using a DIY web builder services makes that shop creation program more simple and fast, helping users label each product and list it for the right price. These sites are also designed to assist with secure payments, creating a platform on which sales transaction can take place safely.