Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

June 12, 2019

You blink for two seconds and Father’s Day is already a few days away. While you may have thought of something to do this Father’s Day for your loving Dad but studies, work commitments and n number of things are already nesting your mind. So, you make the mistake of forgetting to get your Dad a gift. Fret not, there is still a way out and you have arrived at the right place seeking an answer. In this post, we have managed to compile a list of some last minute Father’s Day gift ideas that you can use to salvage your current predicament:

1. An experience:
While there are no shortages of gifts out there but if you are willing to gift a truly unique experience, then you should be on the lookout for some experience packages. These experience gifts come in a number of subjects including filmmaking, cooking techniques, comedic nights or a one on one with a sports player teaching the ropes of a game. If you look closely, many apps like Groupon and educational websites like Masterclass offer such experiences. This year around, you can maybe try to gift one of such experiences to your Dad.

2. A Father’s day card with a gift:
Yes, you may have forgotten to buy a gift for Father’s Day but there is still a way out. How about getting your Dad a customized card made up by all by yourself along with his favorite wine bottle? If you have kids in the household, indulge them in making a special card that comes with a beautiful heartfelt message. The kids are bound to have fun putting the individual cards together alongside family. You can even get them framed in the end after gifting it to your Dad as a small memento to remember by. Nothing beats the power of a self-made customized gift. Get some awesome deals this year and get some suave products for your Dad at LookFantastic with up to 40% off on major brands.

3. A magazine or a service subscription:
Has your Dad been meaning to get himself a magazine subscription that he has always wanted or is looking to renew the existing one? This could be your moment to pitch in and get him one this Father’s Day. You could also get him a summer parking pass for his favorite beach or a hiking trail he frequents often. All you need to do is look a little closer at the things he wishes to have or acquire soon and there you shall have your match. The ideas here are endless and the sky’s the limit to your imagination.

4. Grilling kit:
Is your Dad a fan of grills and barbecued foods? Well, then there is nothing better than helping him replace his old kit for a new one. There is a big market for grilling kits nowadays and you can take your pick from the different ones available. Ensure that you take a look first at your Dad’s old kit first before making a decision. The last thing you want is your gift lying idle in a corner just because it wasn’t up to your Dad’s liking. There are different variants available in the market depending upon your respective needs.

5. Pamper his car:
Out of all the worldly possessions fathers hold, their cars are something that happens to be very dear for them. This year, take it upon yourself to pamper, clean and wash his car thoroughly. Switch the roles with your Dad and do what he always loves to do. Buy some new car polish or get a servicing coupon once you are done. This will be more than a standout gesture for your Dad this Father’s Day. If you are looking to service your car then make sure you head to Halfords Autocentre this time around. Enjoy free delivery with the different. Halfords Autocentres promo codes on offer.

6. Gift cards:
If your Dad is someone who enjoys a rather me time once in a blue moon, then it’s your turn to gift him something on the same lines. Get him tickets to his favorite game or his bowling joint. You could also get him a shopping gift card for him to get whatever he wishes to as per his wishes. Better yet, accompany him to the place you have got him a ticket or gift card for. Spending some quality time together will be worth more than any other gift he receives.

So, there we have a small compilation of some last minute Father’s Day gift that you can get for your Dad. With these easy Father’s Day gifting ideas, you will be able to pull a string through your toughest dilemma of getting a gift.