How To Get Cheaper Travel Insurance Online

September 5, 2018

Going as per stats, almost one-third of the population in the UK doesn’t have a travel insurance in place. This simply means risking yourself in event of a medical emergency and fielding thousands in medical bills. Most of us don’t do it because it seems like a needless endeavour and whoever has the money to field on such things right? Well, wrong there.

Booking yourself a travel insurance doesn’t need to be expensive and you can easily get one for yourself and your family for as less than £8 for annual cover. In this post, we will look at some of the ways you can get yourself and your family a timely travel insurance online without hassles and leaving for your next outing domestic or abroad:


1. Don’t only focus on the prices:
For an article that talks about getting cheaper travel insurance, it sure sounds like a cliché, right? Not correct. When you are looking to get a travel insurance online, it is easy to look for the cheapest option available. While you may come across a cheap option for your travels but does it have the right type of cover specific with your needs?

Just in case you have to end up having to claim, you will need to make sure that you have the right policy or it might just end up costing you a fortune. Make sure to thoroughly read the policy being offered by the insurance provider.

2. Look for certain important details:
The kind of travel insurance you book depends on the kind and type of holiday you are going on. We have compiled a list of certain must-haves that you ought to check in a travel insurance:

  • Cancellation cover
  • Lost luggage cover
  • Personal liability cover
  • Medical expenses
  • Missed departures

All these are high-risk things that you need to safeguard yourself whilst you are on a trip.

3. Don’t buy travel insurance at the last minute:
Many folks make the mistake of buying their cover at the last minute. Two things can happen here whenever you do such a thing. Either you pay up paying too much and second of all, you just skip through reading the important aspects of the cover. A definite wrong move. If you are buying yourself a travel insurance, make sure to do so at the same time as booking your holiday. That way, even if you have to cancel your trip, you can still make the most out of your cover. This is especially important for people with pre-existing medical conditions.

4. Check whether a couple’s or family’s cover is cheaper than individual policies:
This is important for couples or families travelling together. You have an option to cover everyone under one policy or go for an individual policy. Most times, it is easier to get a combined policy rather than going for individual policies. However, ensure that you check about the policy thoroughly. There are many separate policies as well out there that can help you save money. Travelling along with your family this holiday? Make sure to use the Amoma to make group and family bookings.

5. Save with an annual cover:
If you are someone who travels frequently and not once every year then consider getting yourself an annual cover. This can help cut the cost of your cover significantly. A single trip policy will only help cover one holiday of yours while an annual cover will cover you for 12 months for n number of trips you take over. However, be sure to do your calculations while taking an annual cover. Annual covers too differ depending on your place of travel and the duration. Visit Thomas Cook and get great deals on holiday packages.


6. Always declare your medical conditions:
While it may feel like a tempting thing to do to not declare your medical condition to lower your insurance coverage. Insurers ask about your medical history so as to determine and set your premiums accordingly. Being upfront about it from the beginning will help you just in case you have a medical emergency in hand. If the insurers find out that you have been keeping a medical condition from them, they stand a full right to terminate your policy null and void.

7. Consider a backpacker insurance for trips more than two months:
If you are considering going away on a trip for more than 60 days, then the standard insurance cover isn’t likely to cover you. You will need a specialist backpacker insurance in such cases. These policies are made to protect you for a period of 18 months and more and can even be extended.

So, there we have some of the ways to get cheaper travel insurance online. Make sure to get a travel insurance cover for yourself today.