Get Fit & Toned For Your 2018 Summer Holiday

May 21, 2018

How’s that beach body coming? Not so good, huh? There’s good news on the horizon – we are swooping in to provide you with the hints and tips you need to get trim and fit for the warm weather. Don’t worry, you don’t need to join the gym to tackle these tips. You might need to purchase some helpful workout gear, but this is going to be cheaper than a gym membership. You’re also more likely to workout at home and keep it up, that helps you to achieve your fitness goals.

Workout Tips

1. Get Some Abs
Okay, you might not get a six pack in time for your big summer holiday. However, you can definitely trim some of that belly fat and get a flatter stomach. This abs exercise is something that you should do every day. It only takes 10-15 minutes and while you might think it isn’t much, you’ll feel it the next day. So, don’t be surprised if you need to take a day off before you continue. Do continue, though. You’ll start to feel a difference before you see it, but that should be enough to keep you pressing on. You might want to get a fitness tracker at discounted price from TomTom.

Abs Excercise

▪ Start with some running in place, but not just any running – go high step that run.
▪ Now continue your warm up with 30 jumping jacks.
▪ Standing bicycle crunches come next, and you should aim to do 20.
▪ Now drop into push-up position. Instead of doing push-ups you’re going to climb a mountain. So, bring each foot up to your chest and repeat on the other side as though you’re climbing. Do this 20 times.
▪ Now slip in 10 crunches.
▪ Time for 20 heel touches.
▪ Prepare for a 30-second plank and once you’ve done that repeat your bicycle crunches.
▪ Now is another chance for 20 mountain climbing steps, another 10 crunches, 20 heel touches, and finally another 30-second plank.
▪ Now move into a 20-second cobra stretch which helps stretch your lower back and increases your strength and core.
▪ To finish, lie flat on your back and twist your body right for a 20-second stretch. Now the left, 20-seconds, and you’re done.

2. Rock Hard Abs
If you’re already fairly fit but you’re looking to increase your tone and want seriously rock hard abs, then you can try this workout. Of course, you can move into this one after you’ve done the above exercise for a month (less if you find it has become too easy).

▪ For rock hard abs you’ll start with a bent leg twist before slipping into a set of eight reverse crunches.
▪ Now do 10 V crunches, 40 seconds of flutter kicks, 30 heel touches, and 24 bicycle crunches.
▪ Throw your heels to heaven for a set of 15 and move into side crunches. You should do 15 on each side. Now do 15 V-ups.
▪ Now it’s time for the Russian twist, but for this, you will need dumbbells (just small ones) available at Fitness Options. After this, you can plank for 50 seconds before doing another 24 bicycle crunches. Repeat your side crunches, do another 15 V-ups, 20 more Russian twists (with dumbbells) and now do a 30-second side plank for each side.
▪ Into a 30-second cobra stretch, a child’s pose and into your final lying twist stretches on either side.

3. The All Body Challenge
If you don’t want to focus on dropping belly fat or work on your abs then try the all body challenge. This should help you get an allover tone to stay fit. Don’t be afraid to use equipment for additional exercises.

Knee Pushups

▪ 20 jumping jacks to start, followed by 15 push-ups on an incline.
▪ Now do 10 knee push-ups, followed by 8 standard push-ups. Now take your push-ups wide for 8 full presses. Do another 15 on the incline. Get yourself into a box shape for 10 more push-ups before you do another 8 standard ones. Now repeat the wide arm push-up stance.
▪ Complete a 20-second cobra stretch.
▪ Now stretch your chest for 20 seconds. You can do this by pushing against either side of the door and using your body weight to complete a full stretch.

Working out can be easy – you will probably want to get a fitness mat to complete these exercises on. It should make it a bit more comfortable on your hands and knees. These exercises are certainly going to help you on your way – but in addition to these, you should be watching what you eat. Keep your calorie count to the daily recommended allowance and include plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins in your diet. It’s all down to diet and exercise, so if you’re serious about this you’ll do both.Cycling is one fun way to get in shape. A good bicycle will ensure you burn calories with little effort. Check out the eBikes available on Gtech and get started with your cycling routine today.