Exciting Takeaways From CES 2017

January 10, 2017

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) took place in Las Vegas during the first week of 2017, and it was the showground for some fantastic new tech which we can expect to hit the market in the coming twelve months. The world’s top tech start-ups, established brands and leading names gathered together to show us what we can expect in 2017 and beyond. From self-driving cars and unmanned smart drones to gaming equipment and kitchen gadget wizardry, there are some extremely cool new devices and products about to hit the mainstream market. Find out which brands and products you should be watching out for with this guide to CES 2017’s main takeaways.


Mobile Matters – The Importance of Smartphone Development

Despite how fast technology is developing and changing, mobile phones are still the must-have gadget of 2017, according to studies of consumers at CES 2017. Mobile ownership has now reached around 92% in the US and the UK, and majority of these mobiles have smartphone functionality. While there are no major changes in the cell phone world as yet, Samsung are expected to release a new model this year which should make up for the disastrous Galaxy Note last year. Apple will also launch the iPhone’s latest model in the year later. For now, these two phones and their near rivals are under close wraps and not much is known – watch this space for launch dates and reviews.

In the meantime, mobile is still key to many of the year’s trends. From smart home technology to automated cars and retail transactions, the mobile app is at the heart of just about every innovative design. Mobiles can control just about any other device through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals, and the Internet of Things (IOT) is expected to expand dramatically during 2017. New gadgets for home, work and leisure all tend to centre on the smartphone and this shows no signs of stopping over the next year.

8K Television: The Future Of HD Viewing

It is not long since we first started hearing about ‘high definition’ television, and before we knew it the technology existed in just about every living room in the country. Then we got 4K UltraHD: four times the resolution of standard HD, for brighter colours and a smoother overall motion rate. CES 2017 told us that now is the time to get excited about 8K TV. Samsung were among the many manufacturers showing off 8K vision at their CES stall. Also called Super Ultra High Definition (SUHD), this next-level tech looks so good that we certain consumers are going to love it. According to the recent survey, it has been found that 41% of UK buyers will pick up an 8K TV as soon as the prices fall a little, so this may be a slow-burning trend.


Full Room Projections For 4K Gaming

One of the biggest surprises from the consumer gaming market this year was the gaming projector by Razer. Using 4K vision and Chroma technology, the team has created a gaming specific projector that turns an entire room into the gaming screen. The full-spectrum lighting system used in other Razer products has been added to a widescreen gaming projector, so players can send their displays across multiple walls at once. Sit in the centre of the room for the full effect, and get immersive gameplay without the need for VR headsets and motion sensors.


Introducing Vehicles Of The Future

Cars have become an increasingly big part of this annual tech event, because modern vehicles are computerized and use a wide range of electronic accessories and extras. Many global manufacturers such as Tesla, Google and Uber are currently working on autonomous, self-driving vehicles which are expected to hit the market in the next five years, and some of these self-drive projects were on display for the public. There were also some great innovations for cars showcased at the show which are available to buy right now. Watch out in the coming months for BMW’s HoloActive Touch; gesture-activated software that keeps driving a hands-free process. Tesla is also close to releasing their own automated car, as Google.


What To Expect From Tech In 2017

Along with these great new innovations which manufacturers are showcasing now, many leading names have big plans for the coming year and revealed plans for launches in summer or before the holiday sales period begins. From video games to TV and from communications to home security, gadgets are about to step up to the next level and start interacting with each other. The Internet of Things will become increasingly important to everyday technology, and more of our devices will be linked than ever before. This will also drive a big rise in cyber-security awareness, and the risk of hacking will fall as people become more knowledgeable and take better security precautions while using their tech devices. The value of the consumer-tech market is expected to increase during 2017, with more buyers than ever before seeking new and innovative gadgets for their home and lifestyle.