Best Places To Buy & Rent Your Favourite DVDs

June 3, 2016

Staying in and organising a movie night is a much cheaper alternative to heading to the cinema. Not only have ticket prices gone up in recent years, the lure of the expensive snacks can add quite a bit of pressure on your wallet. So, what are the best places to get your hands on the best DVDs? We’ve listed some of the best online retailers to try out.

Simply Home Entertainment

Another great platform for shopping DVDs is Simple Home Entertainment. The retailer has an amazing collection of DVDs, especially TV-shows and TV-movies. If you love Black Adder, then you can find all the seasons from the website. You might also enjoy some less known shows like the Far Pavilions and Abigail’s Party.

Simply Home Entertainment also features documentary DVDs, with stunning savings to be made. Discovery Channel documentary, Loch Ness Discovered is only £.3.49. Furthermore, you can watch Video On Demand on the platform.

Cinema Paradiso

If you’d like to rent DVDs instead of buying them, Cinema Paradiso is worth checking out. You can choose from a limited and unlimited monthly subscription. The unlimited monthly deals include either the 2-at-a-time option for £14.98 or the 3-at-a-time option for £19.98. In terms of limited monthly package, there are two options: the other offers 4 DVDs per month for £6.98 and the other 6 DVDs per month for £9.98.


The selection on the website is rather good. You can choose from major blockbusters like The Big Short and The Danish Girl or opt for TV Series like Mr. Robot and Game of Thrones.

If you are after a real bargain, then has tons of heavily discounted items available. You can find movies, TV-shows and other special interest DVDs. Enjoy offers like Any 3 DVDs for £9 or shop in the DVD Gold Best Buys section.

Furthermore, the platform is extra great for family films. The section for children features some of the funniest films and animated movies, but it also has a few great educational DVDs available, like the Complete Set of Horrible Histories for £6.99.

Finally, if you are a big fan of music DVDs, don’t forget the great saving offers at For instance, a collection of Beatles documentaries will get you singing Hey Jude in no time.



Another platform for renting DVDs is the old LOVEFiLM platform, which was purchased by Amazon a while back. Amazon LOVEFiLM is another subscription-based service, with the monthly fee standing at £8.99. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can get the 4 monthly films for a £1 cheaper. In addition, it’s possible to enjoy a 30-day free trial.

Like most DVD platforms, you can choose from a selection of movies and TV-shows. You can watch new movies like London Has Fallen and the Martian, or immerse yourself in experiencing older movies like Cool Hand Luke and It Happened One Night.


DVDCollections has everything a movie fan could hope for. You can find offers, movies, box sets, and get your hands on the newest releases. There’s even a DVD Forum, where you can share best movie tips with other DVD-enthusiasts.

If you have small children, they will probably enjoy the cheap Disney Classic DVDs. You could even find a beautiful Disney Keepsake DVD Boxset on the online platform.

musicMagpie/That’s Entertainment

The newly branded That’s Entertainment, now known as musicMagpie, will offer movie and TV lovers everything they could hope for. The best news is the deliveries from the online store are free on all orders.


musicMagpie offers a range of other offers as well. You could shop 2 for £10 or if you have Blu-ray player, find 2 for £5 films from the platform. Since the retailer sells both new and second hand DVDs, you can make gorgeous findings on the site. For example, the used version of the Lady in the Van is only £5.77 and Marvel Avengers Assemble will be yours for just £2.09!


Zavvi has a huge collection of DVDs and Blu-ray films you can buy and enjoy at home. They are currently running a warehouse clearance campaign, which means plenty of titles are for 80% off. Zavvi’s website also supports voucher codes that can help you make some amazing savings.

One of the cool features on the online platform is the availability of box sets. You could treat yourself with the extended edition of The Lord of The Rings for just £12.99 or reminisce good old TV-shows by watching the six seasons of the L-Word for £17.99.

If you are looking for a movie to rent, you should check out Hot Pursuit. You can view an exclusive clip of the movie on the Zavvi YouTube channel:

In addition, most of the above retailers also offer the option to pre-order DVDs. This can be a great way to get your hands on some of the hottest new movies and TV shows. Pre-order option is available at Simply Home Entertainment, MusicMagpie and Zavvi.

Staying in and enjoying a quiet night watching a fun movie can be just as fun as the cinema experience, if not better. You are able to sit around in your pants and eat as many crunchy snacks as you want! What’s even better is how the above channels can guarantee you’ll get a ton of DVDs without spending a fortune. Enjoy your leisure time by spending on various music, videos & games. Check out art & entertainment section on our site that provides range of irresistible offers & discounts so that you can save more without compromising on your hobbies.