Best Bachelor Party Destinations Around The World

December 28, 2016

A bachelor party, or stag do as it is known in the UK, is an important occasion for any groom-to-be. This is a final chance to enjoy a night out with the lads as a single man before tying the knot and has become an important tradition over the years. Of course, while some men are happy to have their stag night at the local pub or a venue that is nearby, others want to go a little further afield. In fact, some men are keen to head to another country in order to enjoy the most memorable and exciting stag night experience with their friends and male family members. There are many wonderful places all around the world that are perfect for a stag party and we will explore some of the best ones in this article.

Great Places For Your Bachelor Party
If you are planning your own bachelor party or if you are a friend of the future groom and have been given the responsibility of making the plans, it is important that you consider the destination carefully. The place where you have your stag party can play a huge part in the success of the event so making sure you choose the right destination is of paramount importance. You can also check out Ann Summers for their exciting Bachelor Party collections. If the world is your oyster when it comes to this important pre-wedding event, here are some of the worldwide destinations that you can choose from:

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


Known an adult playground and the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas is the perfect place for a stag party. You will find everything you need to have an amazing time here from casinos that are open around the clock through to nightclubs frequented by celebrities, wild pool parties, bright lights, and an electric atmosphere. When you come to Las Vegas the fun literally never stops, which is exactly what you want for a stag party or weekend. You can enjoy doing the sights and attractions in the day and enjoying world famous entertainment at night. You can get some great deals on flight to Las Vegas with carriers such as Virgin Atlantic from the UK, making this a viable option for those who want to have all out fun.

Ibiza, Spain
When it comes to partying hard, Ibiza is a place that huge numbers of people head to. This is definitely a party destination and one that is extremely popular with stag parties. Incredible music from world famous DJs, electric atmosphere, a huge choice of clubs and bars, and plenty of free-flowing drink are just some of the reasons this is a popular destination for stag party. Of course, you also have the beautiful beach and ocean to enjoy during the day so you can top up that tan by day and party the night away with the lads.


Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Great weather, stunning beaches, azure waters, and rich history can all be found in this destination but it is also an excellent choice for those looking for a unique and exciting stag party destination. If you travel during the time of the carnival you will be guaranteed an even more memorable stag party making it an event that the groom will appreciate for many decades to come. The nightlife in Rio is electric so stag parties are guaranteed fun and thrills. Head to sites such as Expedia to find great deals on trips to Rio for an unforgettable stag party event.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
This is another extremely popular stag party destination for groups from the UK, as it has all the elements you need for the perfect stag night and more besides. Only a short hop from the UK, this is a place that is known for its fantastic nightlife and party atmosphere as well as its relaxed laws. Amsterdam is a place that is known for its famous Red Light District but you can also enjoy more wholesome activities during the day such as visiting the museums, enjoying the beautiful scenery and exploring the unique culture.


Benidorm, Spain
Not only is Benidorm just a short flight from the UK, but it is an ideal place for a bachelor weekend. You can enjoy relaxing on the beach by day and partying the night away in one of a huge choice of clubs and party venues. This is a destination that is frequented by British tourists, including stag groups looking to have a great time without spending a fortune making it perfect if you want a stag party abroad without blowing your wedding budget in the process!

These are just some of the fabulous stag party destinations that you can choose from across the world.