Apps For Writers To Boost Their Productivity

March 31, 2016

Trust me, nobody becomes a writer overnight! Writing does not come easy for everyone. You need to keep writing to get better. And it is okay to look for some extra help in the writing department. There are several apps that help the writers stay focused and organized and excel in their writing. There are several writing apps to help you improve your writing abilities instantly. Some of the best apps are listed here:

1. Grammarly

This writing tool is compatible with both Outlook and Microsoft Word. This app is like your strict English teacher suggesting corrections to improve your writing. It is a great app to correct the common grammar errors and give strong vocabulary suggestions. With the extensions for top browsers, there is absolutely no place for errors in your emails and other online content; making Grammarly one of the most used tools and recommended by professionals. Some of the features of this app are:

  • Plagiarism-proofing
  • Detect 250+ grammatical errors
  • Contextual spell-check
  • Word choice suggestions
  • Synonyms suggestions

2. Scrivener
Are you planning to write a screenplay or a book or e-book? You have got words but not sure how to organize them? This app lets you do that quite easily. This app is built for writers by writers. Built using the note card system, Scrivener makes it quite easy to rearrange chapters and sections. Also, it let you see everything at once. It is a boon if you are an academic writer as conforming to APA formatting guidelines becomes a breeze.

3. OmmWriter
This app is perfect if you like to write in a no distraction and no formatting environment. It is perfect; if you like to write in the Zen-like environment as the only thing you can focus on writing. It has some calming backgrounds and soothing soundtracks to put you in the mood to write. After all, environment plays a crucial role in writing environment.

4. iA Writer
If you are writing online, formatting is very critical. Doing it manually or using the HTML formatting is quite challenging. With this app, bypass this challenge by using the markup language known as ‘Markdown’ to format the posts for HTML. This app will format the posts automatically and saves a lot of time and efforts.


5. Google Docs
If you are a writer and continuously work with an editor, there is nothing better and easier than Google Docs. This tool allows you to collaborate and share the documents with others, see real-time updates and track changes. If you have to work with people remotely and want to avoid the hassles of dealing with multiple versions of the same documents, there is nothing better than this app.

6. OneLook Reverse Dictionary
It is quite frustrating when you have a word in mind but can’t remember it, and the whole flow of writing goes in vain. But no more! With OneLook Reverse Dictionary you will not have to go through this ever again. This app lists down the words and phrases related and the chances of finding the right word are quite high.

7. Hemingway
If as a writer, you are struggling with long-winded sentences and looking for some help, Hemmingway is a great app. This app will help you write the concise and clear sentence. Quite simple to use, this app is quite useful as it indicates the sentences that need editing and also highlight what type of editing will improve the sentence. You just need to paste the text and edit it right away. Not only this, but the app also features a readability meter that indicates how tough it is to understand your writing. A grade close to 5 or 6 is not bad; don’t get paranoid to get the score of 1 or 2.


8. yWriter5
This is quite useful for the novelists as it breaks the novel into chapters and scenes for you while you are busy writing in the flow. yWriter5 makes it quite easier for the novelist to manage their writing. Not only this, this app even tracks the progress and makes it simpler to rearrange the novel by its drag and drop capabilities.

9. Phraseology
It is a great iPad app for writing. It is a plain text editing environment focused on making it productive and enjoyable to write. This app also supports writing with the tools to improve the selection of the word and understand the structure of the text. This app is sure to make writing much more fun and exciting.

These are just some of the apps to make your writing bold, clear and concise, and you will witness a marked improvement in your writing.