An Anatomy of English Football [Infographic]

July 9, 2015

A fast-paced and exciting game with unparalleled maneuvers, no other game strikes a chord with the global audience in the way that football does! The players are looked upon as major celebrities and style icons, while events like the FIFA World Cup are bound to have you hooked to your television sets, or maybe even headed to the hosting grounds to join the thunderous cheering of scores of fans from across the world. This beautiful infographic takes you through a short and engaging tour of the anatomy of football, right from its evolution to how we know it today!

Did you know that the initial phase of the introduction of this game was wrought with injuries and bans, and it was only in 1872 that the rules of the game were formalized, including the specification of the ball size and weight? It is common knowledge that the Football Club of Edinburgh, Scotland was the oldest documented Football Club, but you should also know about other erstwhile clubs such as the Surrey Football Club, the Body-Guard Club, the Fear-noughts Club and so on. As of today, the most popular clubs are of course the Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Arsenal.

While we all wait with bated breaths for the next FIFA world cup, the other exciting tournaments to look forward to include the Barclays Premier League, the Sky Bet Leagues and the Vanarama National League. To quench your inquisitiveness with regard to the detailed anatomy of football, and know about your favorite football idols, do check out the infographic by VoucherBin UK.

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An Anatomy of English Football

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