9 Halloween Attractions To Get Thrilled By In The UK

October 11, 2017

For many, Halloween is the greatest time of year. It marks the start of the holiday season and is the perfect opportunity to embrace your inner weirdness and share it for the entire world to see. People of all ages get dressed up in wonderful costumes and there’s a scare around every corner.

Trick or treating might not have gained the popularity in the UK as it has in the US, however, one thing that is universal – scary Halloween attractions! Check out the best the UK has to offer.

Scaresville Haunting Village

You’ll find this attraction in Suffolk’s Kentwell Hall and it’s one of the top attractions across the UK. Once upon a time, it even won the Screamie Award. This haunted village appears mysteriously in the Kentwell Hall grounds every year come autumn. It’s been running for over a decade and you will spend an hour weaving through spooky forests and farmland as well as dark rooms. Expect to laugh and cry your way through this adrenaline pumping attraction.

The Edinburgh Dungeon

This 80-minute exploration journey takes you on a path through centuries of the darkest history Scotland has to offer. There are 11 different shows, led by actors, two rides, and impressive special effects. It’s fun and frightening all at once. Even better, you get the chance to see Jekyll and Hyde!

Boat Ride

Scare Kingdom Scream Park

This attraction is found in Lancashire’s Preston and has been running for almost a decade. It features live actors trained to scare the life out of you, special effects, and there are a variety of attractions. It’s definitely one you can’t miss with the family, especially if your kids are particularly brave and if you’re an adrenaline junkie. It’s been the UK’s top-rated Halloween Attraction for years.

Scream Land

Found in Margate, Scream Land is Kent’s biggest festival (and it also happens to be an award-winning one). Every year it grows larger and more terrifying. It’s a vintage themed attraction that is sure to haunt even the strongest souls out there. This one is definitely for the adults and features creepy attractions, scary mazes (with five different themes), and sinister sideshows that are led by scare actors.

The London Dungeon

You can harken back to London’s darkest days by visiting the London Dungeon. As you hear the stories of the city the characters will take you back in time as you smell, see, and hear London’s days gone by. An exploration through the dungeon will take you through a daring escape from the clutches of Jack the Ripper, Sweeney Todd, and a witch hunt!

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The Haunted Castle

You will find this haunted castle located in Warwick’s Warwick Castle. There are spooky rides and more. During the day the family can enjoy friendly and fun scares and thrills, including a maze through Horrible Histories. At night, though, the special effects take over and the actors offer an experience that is spine-chilling.

Yorkshire Scare Grounds

Found in Wakefield, this extreme Halloween attraction is Yorkshire’s major autumn attraction. There are live actors and special effects, it’s an immersive experience that is set to frighten. In fact, it’s so terrifying that anyone under 16 must be accompanied by an adult to get in. Furthermore, it isn’t recommended for those under 12. So, be prepared for total panic.


Thorpe Park Fright Nights

Thorpe Park has a lot to offer all year round, but when it comes to Halloween they kick things up a notch. The attraction is set in the woodlands with guests taking a one-way ticket to follow the last journey taken by the Sleeper Express. The what? Oh, just that train that vanished into thin air with its passengers still aboard. Of course, if that’s too much for you, you can lighten the mood with a roller-coaster or two.

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York Maze: Hallowscream Nights

The opening night is an evening of entertainment, perfectly combining fun with fear. However, if you aren’t fond of the dark, Werewolves, and clowns then… well, you might want to give this attraction a hard pass. However, if you’re up for a frightening experience this is the perfect choice for grown-ups. There is live action in haunted houses with ghoulish characters ready to jump out and scare you shirtless.

The journey starts at York Station where you board the Zombie Bus. Do book your tickets in advance and know under 16’s need an adult with them (at all times), and it isn’t recommended for kids under 14.

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