8 Standout Sandal Trends For Summer

July 22, 2017

Even in (mostly) rainy Britain sandals are a fashion trend to die for every summer. Whether you are going on holiday or enjoying a staycation, you will need a pair of sandals to see you through the summer. In fact, the Guardian reported on how global temperatures are breaking records every three years! So, as the heat increases across the island there are a variety of standout sandal trends that you have probably been seeing absolutely everywhere.

You cannot miss out on these sandals, whether you prefer the strappy look, a rope aesthetic, or the more classic Birkenstock style. Not sure which trend is right for you? Check out the 8 trends this summer.

Leather Toe Ring
Is this look back, or did it never really go away in the first place? It’s hard to tell, regardless, the perfect embodiment of the style is the minimalist leather look with a single strap over the foot and the toe ring, too. There is one seriously important factor to consider before you choose the leather toe ring sandal – is your nail polish on point? It will need to be, as these sandals are serious attention grabbers. Hotter Shoes has some serious deals that you can’t miss out on when sandal shopping this summer.


Chunky Platform Sandal
This look was absolutely everywhere in the late 90’s and early 00’s and now it’s a standout style for summer 2017. They were divisive then and they’re divisive now, but they are everywhere. With the likes of Stella McCartney, Gucci, and even Prada getting in on the action it’s time for you to start championing the chunky platform sandal look. You’ll even look taller.

The Two-Strap Sandal
It might be the practical option, but do not let that put you off because the two-strap sandal is still a trend that cannot be beaten. This standout sandal trend will keep you cool as you laze about the beer garden, and keep you comfortable if you want to enjoy a long walk. This chunky option is everywhere right now, and we’re glad to see that they are having a serious moment this summer because they deserve it! You don’t need to pay full price for your practical sandals, though; Shoes By Mail has some serious offers available.

The Elegant Slides
Slides have and will always be a standout fashion option when it comes to summer sandals. They’ve had a makeover this year, though, you don’t need to pick up a simple pair of slides when you can opt for the stylised, elegant look. Whether you are into feathers or bows, there is a look sure to suit your unique style. Don’t worry, though, if you prefer the simple look you can still find a plain pair of slides to see you through.


PVC Sandals
Yes, PVC is a total thing right now. Remember when you were young and loved those jelly shoes? You were probably over the moon when that look re-emerged in the early 00’s. Celebrate again, because the strappy plastic sandal is back and you don’t need to spend on a designer pair when you can make use of the vouchers on offer from Scorpio Shoes. It’s time to embrace your inner Carrie Bradshaw.

Logo Look
Once upon a time, you weren’t cool unless the brand of your clothing was emblazoned across the front of it. While that look has mostly faded, and dipped back in and out, when it comes to sandals it is definitely back! It’s all about the brand being written across the strap of the sandal, so if your budget is bigger, then you have to consider opting for the logo slip on!

Rope Sandals
The epitome of laid-back California Cool, social media influencers across the internet have been sporting rope sandals. They’re the perfect look to pair with denim (whether shorts or full-length) and a strappy vest top – it is the ultimate in casual summer bliss. No matter what you choose to wear with them you’re going to feel as though summer is literally bursting out of you as you strut down the high street.


Strappy Sandals
There will never be a time in fashion where strappy sandals aren’t all the rage. A simple glance in Mango and Zara reveals that strappy, heeled sandals are everything right now. If you really want to capture the current trend opt for white block heels.

There is still plenty of summer time left, so it isn’t too late to hop on one of these standout sandal trends, and with the vouchers, on offer, you are sure to save a fortune. If none of these styles is speaking to you, don’t worry, because there are plenty of others to choose from. Just check out some of the incredible Gladiator sandals offers from Office Shoes.