5 Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas for Long-Distance Relationship

February 8, 2018

Run your gaze around on the day of love, and all you will get to see are couples locked deeply to one another. More so today than on any other day of the year. And why would they not? For centuries and counting, Romeos and Juliets across the world have marked this date on their calendars with utmost reverence and devotion. Tidying up, spraying the best of fragrances and en-robing the best of attires. But the sun doesn’t shine as bright for everybody, right? Yes, we are talking about the ones who end up operating their love lives from a stretch. Although celebrating Valentine’s Day can be a gruesome test for these couples, there are ways in which you can feel the distance grow shorter. Read on this article to know more…

Delightful Snaps

The Delightful Snaps
Remember the days when you two were as close as the waves to the shore? Requesting passersby to click photos at every memorable landmark and capturing selfies at the most dangerous of heights. Well, now is the perfect time to please your lover with a bunch of these delightful snaps. It is one of the simplest, yet a very romantic and pleasing idea. You can either post these pictures in a box at his workplace to cheer him up or simply create a video with a collage of your pictures stitched through a wave soothing background music. And with Hobbycraft’s box frame for pictures, you can display your treasured memories in a well-designed manner.

Virtual movie dates
It may not feel the same as cuddling on a relaxing settee with your beau and watching the likes of Up and Titanic. But you have got to admit that nothing else brings two love birds mentally closer than a romantic flick. Prepare in advance for seat availability and timings, if you’re planning to watch it in a movie theatre. There is no point in watching the same show at different times. What one can do in such cases is to setup a cinema-like environment at home. Lights dimmed and an atmosphere that is free-of-noise. Connect with each other via Skype or phone call or if cost could be an issue, then stay hooked to your IMs. Yes, you can’t share the same bowl of popcorn with this idea, but there’s virtually no limit to the emotions that is about to fall out.

A Memorable Video
Have something in your heart that you are not able to let out during your daily calls? Well, there cannot be a better occasion than today to film yourself and express what’s buried since months. It could be anything, from a simple apology to an important announcement regarding your new appointment off country or just keep it utopian with a beautiful Valentine’s Day message or record his/her favourite song in your voice. No matter how mediocre your singing skills might be, give it a try. You mean the world to someone, there’s no way your tone can cause a rift. So, sit back, relax and hum the best you can! And the £100 discount on Canon products at Wex Photographic gives you another reason to take a crystal-clear shot.

memorable video

Connect With Words
Couples who read together, stay together. We get the attraction about gifting your soul mate the fanciest of clothes and what not. But there’s something about gifting a quality book that makes this idea stand apart from the rest. There’s something about the incense only a fresh book can give. Ask an ardent reader and they’d convince you single handedly to gift nothing other than volumes and volumes of mind bending novels. But how do you make the right selection if you haven’t gifted one before? You can check out bustle.com and find some interesting collection of books suggested for Valentine’s Day gift.

Staying Classy With the Surprise
Let’s stick to what can never ever go wrong. A box of his/her favourite chocolates with a bouquet of freshly picked flowers and a love note. There is definitely nothing that can beat this idea. Something that has been tried and tested by couples since the first chocolate bars were introduced to the world. Yes, digital gifts are seriously awesome, but once in a while it’s fun to share gifts the old-fashioned way. Just make sure you get in touch with your partner’s local friends who can help you make the exact selections. Alternatively, you can even choose Ann Summers for exclusive discounts on many exciting gifts.

Surprise gift

Remember! When you are in love, every single day becomes worth celebrating. The laugh, the glow in their eyes, the snuggles, the smiles and the list of things you miss keeps getting bigger by the day. However, with the above-mentioned plans, you can feel the distance grow a lot shorter.