5 Super Easy DIY’s For Easter

April 17, 2019

Easter is almost upon us, and if you are someone who is a stickler of traditions and is the regular host of festivities, then it’s indeed high time you get on your décor duties. You need not shell out a fortune for getting Easter decorations every year. Maybe this time around, spruce things up and make your decorations with inexpensive supplies. Many of these are simple to make everyday DIY things. So, you think you are up for the challenge this year carving your décor? In this post, we have compiled a small list of 5 super easy DIY’s that you can indulge in this Easter:


1. Black Galaxy Eggs:
They do tend to sound a little alien, don’t they? Well, as much as alien as they may seem, they certainly look cool and beautify their surroundings. Also, egg projects are the best and super simple ones to indulge in. So, for making these black galaxy eggs, you will require only some basic things. This would be a little grape Kool-Aid, water, vinegar and water to create the black speckled beauties. You need to start by pouring out two packs of Kool-Aid into a large bowl or a cup. Then add up to 4-5 teaspoons of vinegar and stir continuously. Now, add ¾-1 cup of water into the same mixture and remix it. You will immediately start seeing some changes as the eggs develop some uneven areas that more or less resemble irregular patterns. As remains the case with all dyeing projects, leaving them out in the dye for a longer duration of time will only bring out its color in a better manner. Once finished, add the eggs to a bowl alongside some air plants. You now have a stunning masterpiece at your disposal.

2. Easter Peel Bunnies:
This is another easy to make DIY that only requires a few basic things. For this, you will need Peeps Bunnies (pack of 5 color sampler pack), some Styrofoam wreath, toothpicks a pink burlap ribbon and one floral pin. So before you begin the process, it is suggested that you take out the Peeps from their pack to dry out. These become a little easier to work with this way. The next step will require you to use the wreath and toothpicks to hold the bunnies in a place. This will also prevent them from spinning while you place them on the wreath. Continue the process of putting the wreath in and outer edges of the wreath. You will be able to make at least three full rings this way. For the center ring, place the bunnies vertically. The next step is making use of the burlap ribbon and inserting a floral pin at the back. One can try different ribbon ideas here to add suave. Decorate your home with flowers this Easter. Get up to 15% off on all products from Arena Flowers.

3. Rustic Wooden Bunny:
This will be a definite favorite for anyone although it does require little chainsaw skills to complete. Now, all you need is a fallen tree for this endeavor which may not be that hard to find. As is the case with tree branches, they tend to get skinnier at the end. So, cut two disks out of the thinnest part of the branch. One drive ought to be the middle of the branch and the other from the fattest part of the branch. Once this is done, take the center to the skinny part of the branch and make horizontal cuts. This will be your two ears of the bunny. Once you have all your pieces, let them sit out and dry out for a night. Now, you will need a little wood glue to attach them all. Start by gluing the middle sized disk to the most massive disc cut by you and make sure to overlap them a little. Now fix the next two smallest discs at the bottom of an enormous disk to create the feet. Make use of the horizontal cut pieces to and glue them behind the middle sized drive. This will be their ears. For finishing, use some long black twist ties to what will be the face of the bunny (preferably three). Make it stand by cutting one-fourth of the log to stick it behind the rabbit for support.


4. Easter Eggs with Sharpies:
We get back to the eggs again for this particular DIY. This remains one of the most straightforward DIY’s that you can make. All you need is a marker and some hard-boiled eggs. You can do draw, make a doodle or carve anything that pops into your head. You can even make some nameplate eggs for an Easter dinner party. Both white and brown eggs are preferable, and it solely depends on your choice as to which to use for your décor. This Easter, gift your loved ones something special. Make use of various vouchers and get 15% off on top-selling, ASDA gifts orders.

5. Jelly Bean Tree:
While Easter bunnies are fun to munch at, they are too mainstream. How about this time you make something exciting to munch? Well, a jelly bean tree sounds like just the idea. All you will need for this DIY project is jelly beans, a branch, hot glue gun, vase and, a hairdryer. Start by stabilizing the branches you have got into a jar or a pot of your choice. Now get a glue gun and start gluing all the little jelly beans together. Be sure not to eat them all up while gluing.

So there we have some super easy DIY’s that take minimal effort and are super fun to make and enjoy.