Top 5 Spring 2018 Fashion Trends For men

April 12, 2018

The menswear collections in London, Milan & Paris this time saw a vast assortment of amazing new trends for the year. After a cold flurry of winters last year, we are now finally ready for the summers and what better way to celebrate the coming spring and summer than changing your wardrobe for the better and making way for some new trends that are doing the rounds in the world of fashion. Designers have done well here to incorporate the past and the present with a unique one of a kind look for men that has got everyone thinking. In this post, we provide you with the best 5 spring/summer fashion trends for men in this new year. Here goes:

1. Side-striped trousers:

Well, we are not close to being done as yet with side striped trousers. Well, this style trend was all the rage back in the nineties with every man looking to own a piece in his wardrobe. Get the complete look with JD Williams offering a wide range of deals. As things paved out for new fashion lining, the fad of side-striped trousers died with time only to have its DNA being restored by luxury fashion designers. There were a lot of variations being shown with retro sportswear looks as well as coordinating tops. Balance such trousers with neutral tones. The better bet being of a smart fit and knit shirt alongside the side-striped trousers. You can completely pass off the look with a pair of trainers as well as formal shoes. Such is the versatility of the look.


2. The revival of the old millennia:

Fashion has taken a step backward in the times of our fathers. This includes a variety of different revivals in the form of boxy suit jackets and light wash jeans etc. This is once again in prominence and designers are doing their best to offer their very best for this revival. The ramps at the 3 capital cities of the world saw some interesting collections like eighties sportswear combined with classic cut tailoring. Square cut jackets will help amp up your body shape which has been paired up with loose trousers. The classic example of new mingling in with the old to create a fashion combo.

3. Vertical stripes:

Stripes are the cool quotient for this spring and summer and it’s not just any kind of stripes. Today the use of stripes in different apparels for men and women have become quite a common phenomenon. But hey, there is still hope for the fashion conscious men out there with a perfect solution in hand. It’s called the vertical stripes solutions. Just turn the stripes to a perfect 90 degrees and et voila, you are a brand new you with a new go-to pattern for your spring and summer of 2018. Designers are doing well to get in sync with the new design of vertical stripes with their clothing apparel right from short sleeved tees, joggers to bomber jackets. A well-striped piece of clothing can accentuate your looks and the vertical stripes are something of a must-have for the fashion conscious man out there. Get the best discounts in town with Sage Clothing Coupons.

4. Go white all the way:

White is a color that can never really go out of fashion so this season, designers have come up with an innovative function of taking the white in the equation completely and donning it on from head to toe. Sounds thin? Maybe not because all the three major fashion capitals of the world have been headlining the catwalks with this look for the summers. If you find this look a little too much for your taste, you can always swap your look for a navy blazer or an indigo denim jacket. Think penny loafers or leather sandals to complete the white offset look. A complete show stealer for all occasions. If you are looking to get the feel of the latest fashion, then be sure to check out Bellfield.


5. Technical Jackets:

The summers are all about trying bold colors and bringing out your inner inhibitions into full display and level the playing field? If you have been trying the same combo for long then it’s time to amp up the game with the latest offering from the ramps of Milan, Paris and New York, technical jackets. Before you start thinking tactical or old trekking gear, we ought to remind you that these jackets will not only help you weather the elements but also help you stay stylish. These come in a variety of shades to keep your styling options broad. Pair them with jeans, tailored shirts or trainers, it promises to be your money’s worth.

So there you have the 5 best spring and summer fashion trends for men. Make sure to check these all out.