5 Common Health Mistakes You’re Making

March 5, 2020

Keeping healthy and well is a challenge for many of us, and many things that we do regularly can have an adverse effect on our health. What may seem like small things can add up to piling to your medical bills. That being said, if you are conscious of now itself and keep a tab on your health, there are many things that you can avoid to live your best life and avoid any health complications. In this post, we will talk about the five common health mistakes that folks keep making. 

1. Not keeping up with your medication:

This remains of the prevalent mistakes made by people. While you may feel the urge to stop taking your meds once you start feeling better, but this habit can cause you long term problems. Common health problems like BP, diabetes, and hypertension are the sort of things that people usually ignore, and even if they are on prescribed meds, they will forget to take these at regular intervals or just omit them altogether. These, in turn, can develop into significant health problems, which is probably the last thing you would want for yourself or any of your loved ones. If you are on medication, ensure that you don’t stop taking them overnight just because it feels better without them. 

2. Not getting enough sleep:

This is perhaps one of the biggest problems of our generation. Never having enough time to sleep. Health Associations across the world and in their findings have suggested for a normal adult to have at least 7-9 hours of proper sleep every night. While sleep is essential for rest and relaxation of the body, our minds and bodies perform various functions while we sleep, for instance, collating all the information of the day we have spent and recorded it in our long term memory. Sleep is also essential to grow muscles, repair body tissues, and regulate hormones. So, you might want to keep a better check on your sleep schedule and ensure that you get ample time to recuperate your body every day. 

3. Not hydrating yourself well:

It is no secret that a reasonable person needs eight to ten glasses of every day in order to hydrate themselves. Now, this is a figure that also depends on a number of factors, including your sodium intake, exercise, climate, and the foods you consume. All these factors may have your body needing more water than usual. There is also a misconception amongst people that any kind of fluid consumption counts, but this is farther from the truth. So, going forward, ensure that you keep not only track of your fluid intake but also the kinds of fluids you are consuming and the climate and food habits you have. This year, vow to take better care of your health. Start by getting health insurance for yourself and your family. Head to Insurance Choice and get a wide variety of discounts on all kinds of insurance.

 4. Brushing immediately after meals:

 While brushing your teeth twice is a good habit to follow, what you need to ensure is that you don’t brush after snacks. The sugar in your food tends to react with the plaque in your teeth and create acid. Something you really don’t want happening and affecting your health. So, ensure that brushing immediately after having food is a strict no, no. If you plan on cleaning, make sure to wait at least half an hour before picking up your brush and paste. This will help with any sort of dental erosion and coat your teeth with fluoride. Supplementing your body with the right kind of supplements is as essential as brushing your teeth. Go to MyProtein and get up to 35% off mystery discount on all products

5. Not going for your yearly medical test:

Now, health is something that should always be your number one priority, but this is often the most overlooked aspect owing to multiple reasons. It could be an office, home chores, or you are maybe just too lazy to go for one. Ignoring this can cause you trouble in the near future with health complications that you may not be able to comprehend and one that piles to your medical bills. Both men and women equally tend to be affected due to this, and heart disease, blood pressure, cholesterol become a common occurrence. Ensure that you go for your annual comprehensive health assessments and coordinate your time as per your schedule to make the most of it. 

So, there we have a list of the five common health mistakes that people tend to make often and unknowingly. While it is a good thing to indulge in your work, but there is also a point to be made about keeping a healthy work-life balance so as to avoid health complications. This year onwards, make yourself a resolution to take good care of your health and avoid things that may otherwise cause you problems in the near future.