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Creative And Easy DIY Wall Art Ideas

July 27, 2016

Do you feel like your home is lacking a bit of fun and creativity? If you don’t want to opt for the usual posters, but rather find something personal and innovative to decorate your walls with, do-it-yourself wall art is a great idea. Since most of us won’t have time to spend a weekend creating the next Picasso painting, we’ve looked around to find a few simple DIY wall art projects. The below ideas won’t take a too much effort nor will they cut a big hole in you... Read More

Smartphone Addiction: Symptoms, Effects & Solutions

July 20, 2016

If you think that people are moaning too much when they tell you that you are addicted to your smartphone then maybe you should think again. There are in fact real dangers to using your smartphone all the time. We are not talking about just the normal amount of texting and social media posting here, we are talking about the smartphone obsession that a frightening number of people have fallen prey to. Two thirds of people in the UK own a smartphone and this figure ris... Read More

Top Electronic Retailers for Budget Friendly Gadgets

July 13, 2016

Everyone loves a good gadget, whether it’s something quirky for the kitchen or cool for your new car. But most of the latest gadgets don’t necessarily come cheap. But if you are smart about where you shop, you can stay within your budget and still enjoy great gadgets. Here are seven great electronic retailers you might want to check out. Boysstuff Boysstuff is exactly what the name suggests: a great place for all things men. You can find gadgets for your... Read More

Unique Budget-Friendly Dating Tips to Woo Your Girl

July 5, 2016

Love shouldn’t cost a thing, according to a famous song. But let’s face it, sometimes it does. Date nights in restaurants, secret getaways in romantic castles and flower bouquets can end up making the wallet just a little too light. But luckily, the conventional dates are a thing of the past and frugal guys can woo their girls with unique, yet budget-friendly date ideas.  Walk Around Flea Markets While the temptation to spend money is much higher at sho... Read More

Online Shopping Driving Post-Brexit Recovery For UK Economy

July 1, 2016

There has been a great deal of uncertainty in the UK market since the referendum decided that we would leave the European Union, and it is causing a mixed reaction from investors, insurers and retailers. Many are declaring the unstable market a crisis, while others see a risk that could be worth a gamble. “Valuations on the UK stock market look in the middle of their historical range, a reasonable time to put money in the market if you are a long term investor. But giv... Read More