19 Best Things To Do In London This Autumn

March 9, 2017

The capital blooms during the autumn season. If you want to prepare yourself for the long winter ahead and to enjoy the holidays, you definitely want to participate in some of the following events.

1. Urban Food Fest –November 19 to December 18

If you like food and you don’t like to spend a fortune to enjoy it, you definitely want to check out the Urban Food Fest. The food-focused festivity will introduce you to all sorts of flavours from Venezuelan beef arepas to Belgian waffles.

2. Friday Late at the V&A – November 25

London’s museums are fantastic, with plenty of things to see aside from the usual museum experience. On Friday, November 25, V&A will organise a special evening, with music, food and special installations.

3. Skating at Somerset House –November 17 to January 16

Would you like to enjoy some fresh air in a scenic setting? Head down to Somerset House for a stunning skating session with your friends. The outdoor rink is perfect for enjoying some outdoors activities, with the nearby lodge offering drinks and treats to finish off your day.


4. Amnesty International Book Sale –November 19

Book lovers can rejoice on Saturday 19, as Amnesty organises a massive book sale. You can find hundreds of second-hand books, as well as recently published pieces.

5. The Scandinavian Christmas Market –November 18 to November 20

London offers plenty of holiday festivities to enjoy. If you are looking for something with a bit of a twist, consider heading out to the Scandinavian Christmas market. You can enjoy a warming cup of Nordic glögg and eat gingerbread cookies while listening to Scandinavian Christmas carols.

6. Melt Yourself Down –November 30

If you are looking for a great gig to enjoy and warm your soul, Melt Yourself Down is getting down at the end of November. The band is back to perform some of the smoothest songs you’ll even hear, with trashy riffs and punkish sounds.

7. Independent Label Market and London Brewer’s Market – November 26

For music fans, London offers plenty to experience aside of your traditional gigs and concerts. The Independent Label Market organises its seasonal market with a fantastic selection of vinyls, tapes and other music merchandise.

8. Karaoke Rumble –December 1

Start your December with music and comedy. The Karaoke Rumble event will feature live music and stand-up comedy, guaranteeing you have a good night while the outside world gears up for Christmas.


9. Beazley Designs of the Year –November 24 to February 20

If you want to step outside of the box and do something a bit quirky, visit the Design Museum this autumn. The special installation has everything from drinkable book to David Bowie’s album cover on display, guaranteeing you see the best of the world’s design – and the craziest objects as well!

10. Lobstar –November 17 to November 26

Lobsters are the food choice of champions and you should consider checking out Top of the pop ups latest party at Brixton. You can find lobsters in all shapes and sizes, from king prawns to cheesecakes. It’s a tasty experience!

11. Independent Ceramics Market –December 4

Surprise your friends and family with handmade ceramics this Christmas. EPIC Dalston is holding a beautiful fair with tons of independent ceramicists and potters offering their products. There are also plenty of cafes and restaurants nearby to complement your outing.

12. Rising Stars –December 13 to December 14

London has produced a number of big stars in recent years from Adele to Sam Smith. If you like to find the capital city’s next big start, visit the iconic music venue during the Rising Star event.

13. Hyde Park Winter Wonderland – December 18 to January 2

Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland is a beautiful London tradition and if you don’t mind the crowds or the occasional tourists, then it’s definitely worth visiting. Entry to the event is free, although you need to pay up for enjoying the fairground rides and treats.


14. Sleeping Beauty –November 26 to January 8, 2017

The Hackney pantomime is the season’s best with its zany energy and chortle-worthy dame. The story is written by Susie McKenna and Steve Edis, so expect a lot of laughter, unexpected turns and plenty of quirky surprises.

15. Husky Sleigh Rides at London Wetland Centre –December 3 to December 4

Planning for a family outing with the kids? Perhaps you want to surprise your date with something unusual? The Magical Santa’s Grotto at the Wetland Centre is worth visiting. Aside from husky sleigh rides, you’ll also receive fun goody bags.

16. Skip Garden Fire Feast – December 9

Enjoy a fire-lit outing in King’s Cross at the start of December. You can enjoy heart-warming mulled wine and cider, together with toasty treats. Snuggle into a cosy space and enjoy the breezy winter weather.

17. DIY Art Market – December 10 to February 12

Another perfect way to take in the city’s talent is by visiting the DIY Art Market. The East London market will showcase emerging artists and independent publishers. You can find artwork, ceramics and other handmade items. You’ll also be greeted with a DJ and on-site café.

18. Free South African Wine Tasting –November 26

There are plenty of wine bars to experience in the capital city, some of them even offering you with free enjoyment. The SA Wines event will see you enjoy 30 different wines from South Africa free.

19. Brian and Robin’s Christmas Compendium of Reason – December 16

If you’re not into the religious aspect of the holiday season, then you might enjoy this science-inspired event. Scientist, professor Brian Cox teams up with comedian Robin Ince for a fantastic variety show with a twist.

The above 19 events are worth experiencing in London this autumn. The occasions are a mixture of free and paid fun and you can always find discounts online on tickets to London events if you keep your eyes open.