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Exante Diet offers free delivery on all your orders when you spend more than £50 on their products.

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Exante Diet: 14 Unreliable Vouchers

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About Exante Diet

Exante Diet is the website that provides weight management tips and prepares an appropriate diet for their customers. It is one of the leading online organizations in the United Kingdom that provides such service. Not only the health management services but the company also provides various products such as diet bars, diet shakes, diet soups and other meal-replacement items as well.

Exante Diet logo

The Exante Diet keeps the needs of the customers fulfilled by offering them a huge range of replacement diets. The website has a lot of weight loss plans available. Keeping these plans in mind, Exante Diet has developed numerous meals that are equally delicious as well as healthy. The meals are a rich source of proteins and minerals, which strengthens the muscles and burn fat at the same time.

The nutrient contents of these diets allow the consumers to stay fit and healthy. The excess weight is lost, and the body achieves the good shape. The website consists of diet plans that are easy to maintain and generates result if consumed regularly. If you have been working out for a year or two without achieving your dream shape, these diet plants available in Exante Diet can be very helpful for you.

Categories to Watch Out For

The website contains many categories to choose from. Each of the categories consists of several diet plans keeping the potential customers in mind. The diet plans available depends of the amount of calorie stored in it. From fasting plans to working solutions, the website provides its customer with the best diet. The website also offers different recipes keeping the health of the individuals in mind. Exante Diet provides numerous diet packs, which can be delivered at your home if you want them to do so. Many products are been developed by Exante Diet, for replacing your regular meals with the healthier ones. The different categories of diet packs available in the website consist as the follows:

  • Starter packs
  • Diet packs
  • Boxes of 7
  • Boxes of 50

Exante Diet

There are also different diet plans that you can choose from. The different diet plans come in handy for a number of reasons. For one, you get to have medicines according to the diet plan you choose. This helps you know exactly what you’re trying to achieve than beat around the bush. More importantly, it allows you to get into the right diet regime instead of buying different dietary products that may not work together.

The diet plans that the website provides are mentioned as follows:

  1. The Sam Bailey diet plan
  2. Total Solution
  3. The man plan etc

The different categories available in the website make sure that the customers can get access to the sufficient diet plans just through a click of mouse. The Facebook group of the Exante Diet can be helpful for the fitness freaks as the group consists of several nutritionists. They provide valuable instruction to the customers and help them with the diet information needed.

Discounts Available on the Website

There are different discounts available for all customers. The discounts are aimed at helping you on your long term diet plan and are often available if you buy more. Exante Diet offers discount vouchers to the customers on the purchase of the various diet packs available. The numerous discount offers available in the website are mentioned below:

  1. £10 discount on 4 week diet pack
  2. A total of 84 products available for £80
  3. Buy 2 weeks diet pack and get Choco balls for free
  4. 2 boxes of 50 is available at £90m only

The discount offers are subjected to change but the website keeps on updating their offers. You can always check out for discounts from other retailers on health & beauty categories at our site from retailers like Weight Watchers and GoNutrition to save more.

Usage of Vouchers

It’s pretty simple to buy from Exante Diet. Here is the complete procedure about how you can go about purchasing all you need from the site, easily and swiftly. Remember, all it takes is a few clicks after you’ve chosen your product, to proceed to checkout.

  • Place the cursor on the shop menu on the top of the website.
  • Select the diet pack you want.
  • Click on the desired product.
  • Select the quantity.
  • Click on add to basket.
  • Enter the voucher code in the text box which displays “Got a discount code? Enter it here”.
  • Click on add. Your discounted priced should be displayed.
  • Place the order and confirm it.

Exante Diet has a stunning YouTube channel where it regularly uploads its video about the latest product. Check out this exclusive video where Claire Bailey lost 16lbs while on Exante Diet.

Exante Diet accepts bank cards of various types, namely; VISA, Master Card, Maestro and American Express. The online exchange of money is regulated via PayPal, which provides maximum security to your funds. Hence, placing an order on the website is much safer than you can imagine.

Exante Diet Recipes

If you are someone who is trying to lose weight, then besides buying the wonderful diet products from Exante, you can also opt for customized weight management programs and diet programs by the expert nutritionists. When you visit the website, you can visit the section called ‘Recipes’ to have a look at low-carb, low-calorie and low-fat diets that have been designed in such a way that they can be easily incorporated in any health management program that you may be following. Within this section, you can either choose your recipes on the basis of plans or on the basis of the total caloric content. You can also choose from vegetarian recipes, ketosis recipes and stabilizer recipes. Each of these sub sections consists of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. From Sam Bailey’s wonderful recipes to total solution recipes, there is a lot to choose from.


By following these diets religiously, you can lose weight and also make your way towards the fitter and healthier version of yourself. Infact, Exante also offers you the option of creating your own recipes by downloading the free calorie and carbohydrate counter. This counter helps you to figure out which are the best ingredients for you. So log on to the website today and get several free diet recipes for yourself!

Diet Plans

No matter what your weight loss goal is, Exante has a suitable diet plan for you. This retailer offers you the widest collection of delicious diet products and the most reasonably priced diet plan in the market. Infact, by making use of Exante’s BMI tool, you can also find a plan which suits you the most. When you visit the website, you can enter the section labeled as ‘Diet Plan’. Within this section, you will see a BMI Calculator which you will have to use in order to calculate your BMI. Based on your BMI, the diet plans that are most suitable for you will be highlighted. Once you have selected from the various diet plans, you can order your Exante Meal Replacement products. This can be done by visiting the online store of the retailer. It is important to remember that weight loss may vary for each individual depending upon his/her health history, current condition and other such factors.

Delivery Information

The Exante Diet offers various delivery schemes. They deliver a product to the customers in exchange for an amount of money. The monetary amount depends on the delivery plan you choose. If you place an order below £50 then the website would charge you £1.49 for getting the product delivered.

Exante Diet

Services and helps from Exante Diet

The website not only deals with diet plans and diet but also provides a return policy on the goods bought from the website. The return policy of the company has been elaborated in the website. If you want to return a specific item, the customer support team is there to look after your needs. They would provide you with a return authorization code, which must be kept a note of. Make sure that you remember that particular number as that is the main tool for getting your product returned to the company.

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