8 Standout Sandal Trends For Summer

July 22, 2017

Even in (mostly) rainy Britain sandals are a fashion trend to die for every summer. Whether you are going on holiday or enjoying a staycation, you will need a pair of sandals to see you through the summer. In fact, the Guardian reported on how global temperatures are breaking records every three years! So, as the heat increases across the island there are a variety of standout sandal trends that you have probably been seeing absolutely everywhere. You cannot miss out ... Read More

Open Source Software Benefits For A Small Business

June 12, 2017

Small businesses have to be smart with their money. Your resources are limited and you can’t afford to spend a lot of time testing and trialling different technologies. However, surviving in the modern world without technology is nearly impossible. Therefore, small businesses must be able to latch on to any opportunity they find and make the most of the software around them. For this, open source software is the best possible option. But what is open source software... Read More

Things To Avoid While Dressing In Bright Shade

June 7, 2017

Many people are wary of wearing bright colours; this is especially the case for men. There is little doubt that the majority of guys tend to prefer more sober colours, such as black, brown and grey. If this applies to you then you could be missing out on having fun with your outfits as well as catching the right sort of attention. Of course, it's also possible to get the kind of attention you do not want, if you use colour in the wrong way. You want people to be impre... Read More

Simple Yet Lip Smacking Recipes To Try At Home

May 16, 2017

We live in the century of speed, time flies and we hardly manage to cope with the busy schedules. So we have come up with a selection of quick recipes, perfect when you are short of time. The recipes are quick, easy, simple and cheap with simple ingredients and handy. We hope it will be useful! Enjoy it! Cauliflower in Chinese style with rice Suggested by Waitrose Cellar, this d... Read More
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